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comment Dr. Money And The Boy With No Penis Dr. Money And The Boy With No Penis > "D" >
  This is one of the most heartbreaking, gut-wrenching documentaries I've ever seen. I felt such sorrow for this poor young man who was the innocent victim in the trauma he endured for most of his life. What an utter, senseless tragedy.
comment This is a really good From Butterflies to Humans > "F" >
  This documantairy is a lie don't listen to it! We are all made by God
comment great Ape to Man > "A" >
Actually the problem with our fella in here is that he didn't miss the step that is the last step of the evolution stairs that is (imagination) which is something unfortunate, ‘coz fucks like racist+religious guys usually use their imagination uselessly, excessively and imagine problems that are to their perspective unsolvable, they're not trying to be positive and use the imagination that made us unique to move forward, i'd say it'd better if they'd be un-evolved -the last step- like the neanderthals than to provoke problems and stupidity (racism and religion) those damage our (straight logical humans') reputation and the history of our achievements .
imagination could be both bad and good.
comment Ape to Man Ape to Man > "A" >
  and the racial crap? hahahahhahahha ****! How can u give a ****? omg, poore little dude, being sad about what color ur own skin is, insted of wondering how u gonna get food in the morning, how ur gonna make love to ur woman and make babys, how ur gonna die someday and the world, the universe, EVERYTHING THAT EXISTS ANYWHERE, will go on without you.. you wont go to a different universe called heaven and live there, ur soul wont live on with other souls that has once lived on this planet, ONLY the good ones tho, those who have behaved good on this planet, no not at all.. No souls, not urs, not mine not any soul, will be transportet to a unexplanable, invicible, never-before-seen-or-experienced place called heaven.. NO **** WAY! use ur brain, or did ur brain miss a step on the evolutionary scale? The one that taught you to think independendly, educate ur mind and to be critical about what you believe in… Stupid ****
comment good prescreen Ape to Man > "A" >
  Poetic Justice, who gives a **** what u like?
And all you nonbelievers of the theory of evolution; how did god create the earth and the humans then? Was we just "put” here? just like that? did we just appear from nothing, did a greenish blue light shine on the sky and from there we was thrown to earth, a man and a woman, to have sex and babys? and WHEN did tthis happend?
It couldnt be that we, like all other creatures on the planet have evolved from other creatures? NO ONE was just put here.. not a deer, not a monkey, not a human.. a **** deer didnt just appear one day out of the blue, it EVOLVED.. from little organisms that was created by chemical reactions and stuff when certain changes was happening on our then youger planet.. it is just the way the world works, GET OVER IT! We arent put here with some special purpose, we've just evolved from creatures that hunted and gathered food, had sex and babys, the population boomed and societys, citys, countries happend, not over night tho' they EVOLVED to.. We started **** op the world for real, started raising other creatures with the purpose of slaughter as soon as they get big enough, we feed them steoroids and crap to keep them fat and unable to move until we eat them.. U really think that when you die, you go to a shiny place where dreams become reality and nightmare and fear become butterflies?? Whos the stupid **** then? tell me that ..
comment very good prescreen Endless Orgy for the Goddess of Perversion > "E" >
comment Ape to Man Ape to Man > "A" >
  Clearly, human evolution has yet to sufficiently account for grammatical accuracy. Nonetheless, it is distressing to say, Malcolm's naivete and ignorance are not uncommon.
comment this is a really good Guns Germs and Steel > "G" >
  An Excellent watch!
Prof. Diamond gives a very plausible, lucid explanations for the differences between cultures on the grounds of geological influences.
Very recommended!
comment Very good prescreen Dr. Money And The Boy With No Penis > "D" >
  I've never heard about this theory or experiment. To see this film was heart breaking,not only because the Dr. was so misguided,but also because of the pure abuse he heaped on to these children. the man should be brought up on charges!
comment Very good prescreen Ape to Man > "A" >
  Malcom, you are right, the title is misleading. A correct title would be "The quest to Apes and Man common ancestors”. Apes don't turn into humans, but there was at some time a species which looked like modern apes from which humans, chimps, bonobos and gorillas evolved.
To understand this is a two-steps process: 1. You have to regain your personal critical thinking which was washed away by church and religious school teachers, and 2. you have to read science books, go to museums and try to understand why scientists think differently from you.
The science path to understanding is harder than the religious one: Religion explains the world in half a page of the Genesis book, while you will have to read many books to understand the world from scientific perspective. But the pleasure of finally understanding things is really worth the effort. (Religion is for intellectually lazy people. You are not lazy, aren't you? :-) )
And if you are afraid that people will judge you for questioning the revealed "Truth of the Scriptures”, you don't need to tell your minister, friends or relatives. This is the nice thing about independent thinking: it can be kept personal and secret.
I envy you for all the "Whow! That's cool!” that you will meet on you path to understanding things. Good luck!